FASCINATING rare footage taken inside Buckingham Palace has revealed the lengthy route butlers use to deliver the Queen’s food.

As seen, in a clip released earlier today by the Royal Family’s Twitter account, the kitchen staff make their way to the Queen through a series of rooms and corridors in the palace, The Sun reports.

In the footage, the camera leaves the extensive kitchen before climbing two floors in the lift to the first floor.

From there, the butler then navigates through ornate mirrored double doors, before making their way through several doors on the lengthy corridor before they reach the Chinese Drawing Room.

Sharing the tweet, the Royal Family account said: “Many of the lifts at the Palace are old and impractical — here’s how staff currently navigate from the kitchens to the Palace’s Chinese Drawing Room for functions.”

“The route will be more practical & efficient when new lifts are installed,” they said, referring to the refurbishment underway at the palace.

Buckingham Palace is undergoing a £369 million ($A655 million) “urgent” renovation, which will span 10 years.

The refit, expected to be completed by 2027, is described as “essential” and “cost-effective” and will include replacing boilers, miles of cables, pipes and electrical wires.

Previously, workmen who were tasked with replacing 6500 plug sockets, 32km of skirting board and 16km of water pipes at Buckingham Palace were shocked to stumble on a trove of Victorian relics under a floorboard.

The century old items, believed to have been discarded by Queen Victoria’s courtiers, included cigarette packs and a newspaper published days before the first jukebox was launched.