A RARE book that was once owned by Adolf Hitler reveals his blueprints for an American Holocaust.

Heinz Kloss' "Statistics, Media and Organisations of Jewry in the United States and Canada" published in 1944 classified the number of Jews across the US and Canada.

Nazi researcher Heinz Kloss who spent time in the US penned the book published in 1944 shortly before World War Two began.

The 137-page book provides details on the Jewish population in large US cities including New York and Montreal.

Experts believe it was part of Hitler's personal collection, as it is branded with the words, "ex libris Adolf Hitler".

It shows that the Nazis made big progress into infiltrating North America than was originally thought.

In 1943, the Germans had established a weather station in what is now Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador province.

Rebecca Margolis, president of the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies said: "This invaluable report offers a documented confirmation of the fears felt so acutely and expressed by so many Canadian Jews during the Second World War: that the Nazis would land on our shores and with them, the annihilation of Jewish life here.

"While these fears may seem unfounded given the geographic distance of Nazi Europe to Canada, this handbook offering detailed statistics of Jewish populations across North America underlines their nightmarish potential."

The Library and Archives of Canada acquired the novel and it is set to go on public display at a cost of £3400 ($4,500) on Saturday.

The book is expected to be used for educational purposes, to blast hate speech that is said to be growin in the US and Canada.