THE daughter of a rapist cop has revealed how her "psychopath" dad turned her against her own mum.

Identifying herself only as Abbey, the 22-year-old said the bully used to beat her with a hairbrush and brainwashed her against her mother when they split.

Speaking to the Sunday People, Abbey said: " I used to be a daddy’s girl.

“When my mum and dad split he turned me against her. I now realise that she loved me and desperately wanted me to be with her and away from him.

"He told me she didn’t care, that she wanted nothing to do with me."

The twisted Northumbria Police officer, who preyed on vulnerable women he met on duty, claimed up to 30 victims in a five-year reign of terror.

It was claimed he told his victims: "I am the law, I can do anything I want."

Abbey added: "I now realise the time that I had with him was not a normal relationship between a father and child. I remember him once in my bedroom becoming so angry that he punched a hole in the wall.

“On another occasion he was brushing my hair and because it was thick it was pulling and I cried out.

“He hit my hand so hard with the hairbrush that it drew blood."

She said he “carried real menace" and revealed how she refused to go and live with him.

Glasgow-born Mitchell was handed two life sentences at Newcastle Crown Court in January 2011.

The judge warned he might not be released "for many years...if for ever".

The former soldier, who was 42 when he was caged, preyed on women he met on duty from his base at Newcastle's Pilgrim Street police station.

Nicknamed "PC Cucumber" by his colleagues for his cold manner, Mitchell raped and sexually abused heroin addicts, shoplifters and a disabled teenager.

Last September a three-member panel of the parole board held a hearing on Mitchell’s application for parole.

In November the panel agreed his release and shortly afterwards he was released on licence, despite psychiatrists warning he was such a high risk to women.

The secret decision to release him came months before the furore over black cab rapist John Worboys, who was freed after eight years.

The decision was later overturned by the High Court and Worboys remains in jail pending a further parole hearing.

A new scheme allowing victims to ask for details of how a decision was reached has been brought in since the Worboys case.