THE professor behind the world famous GHD hair straightener has revealed the BIGGEST mistake consumers make when they use it.

Cambridge University’s Dr Moore said using the product incorrectly can cause damage to hair follicles and prevent a style lasting all day.

Speaking to, Dr Moore revealed: “There’s a lot of miscommunication when it comes to temperature.

“Your hair consists of three kinds of bonds. Putting your styler at the hottest temperature is not the key to getting your hair how you want it.

“You don’t need anything above 185C, because using anything above that creates vertical cracks along the cuticle, causing the cuticle to lift and resulting in tangles and splits.

“Trying to style your hair below 185C will often take many passes of the tool to achieve a good result, which is more drying to the hair and causes further split ends.”

Dr Moore warned against cranking up the heat in the hope that your style will last all day.

He said at Syndey’s launch of GHD’s new Platinum+ smart straightener: “Temperatures that break the hair bond is 200C.

“The higher the temperature, it can change the colour of the hair too. These people going to 230 degrees … it’s really bad news and you will cause significant damage.”

This is true for all hair styles, including women who have frizzy or curly hair.

He added to MamaMia: “Thick hair is like heating up 10 litres of water, as opposed to thin hair which is like heating up 1 litre of water.

“You don’t need more temperature, but you need more energy.”

He also advised that GHDs should only be used on dry hair – so forget whipping it out straight after a shower.

Dr Moore explained: “If your hair is wet, the heated water will transform from a liquid to a gas and expand.

“Water trapped in the cortex will burst out of the strand and damage it.”

The professor joined GHD 16 years ago and set up their Research and Development lab.

He now spends his time figuring out how to develop their straighteners to overcome any damaging elements.

The latest GHD product, which Dr Moore claims the “world’s first smart straightener”, is said to control heat and respond to needs of your hair.

He also spoke about hair competitor Dyson – who have a Supersonic hair dryer for £299.

He welcomed to challenge, and said: “They have brought out an interesting hair dryer.

“But where we lead and are different to Dyson is that we do the fundamental research into hair.

“While they are a good competitor, we have a strong competitive edge in terms of the scientific needs of hair.”

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