Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo have set up roadblocks in the south-eastern city of Lubumbashi where the exiled opposition leader, Mose Katumbi, had been due to arrive, in spite of authorities threatening to arrest him if he tried to enter the country.

The former governor of Katanga province left the country in 2016, and was later convicted of property fraud and sentenced in absentia to three years in prison.

The Congolese government refused him permission to land by plane in Lubumbashi.

An official from his opposition coalition said in a tweet that Mr Katumbi would instead enter the country by road from the city of Ndola in neighbouring Zambia.

Last month, Mr Katumbi said the Congolese government had cancelled his passport.

Another opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba returned to DR Congo on Wednesday after more than a decade.

He has submitted his candidacy for the presidential election in December.

The ruling coalition has however said he is not eligible to run because of a conviction for bribery at the International Criminal Court. He has launched an appeal against that conviction.