POSH Oxford students have been blasted for posing naked in their historic library.

They used books and mortar boards to hide their modesty at the 161-year-old university rooms.

The Exeter College group then posted the snap online and bragged they’d end up in the newspapers.

Sources say the stunt was in response to a crackdown on partying in the college’s chapel — as revealed in The Sun in March.

At the time a 200-strong group of revellers romped in rooms, exposed their breasts and smashed glasses.

Among the latest students to shame the college is ex-Eton pupil Nick Whitley, whose family were behind the Greenall Whitley brewing empire that became the De Vere Hotel group.

They also include Bella Monkcom daughter of a millionaire insurance firm boss.

Former pro-cricketer Mark Crawley’s daughter Charlotte, niece of ex-England batsman John Crawley, also appears.

A student said: “It’s not ‘witty banter’, it’s disrespectful and has brought shame to the college. Everyone finds it terribly embarrassing.

“Disruption in the library is the last thing you want with exams only a few weeks away.”

Another said: “They came in late in the evening while I was working on an essay.

“It was a bit of a spectacle, most of them were completely naked and they’re not a bad-looking bunch.

“You could see everything. They were giggling and making smutty jokes.

“I put my headphones in to try and block them out.”

Nick Whitley is descended from one of the two families which created Greenall’s, sold for £1.14billion in 1999. Dad Jeremy is a millionaire hedge fund manager in Edinburgh.

A woman at the family home said: “The photo was done for charity for a calendar to raise money.

“It was all harmless really. Other universities have done them this year too.”

A neighbour confirmed Bella Monkcom is in the snap and that she lived at a £1.2million home with Wessex Group chairman dad Jon, in Winchester, Hants.

Lottie Crawley’s family confirmed she appeared in the photo and her dad and uncle were ex cricketers.

Oxford University declined to comment.