Political scientist revealed the background of "promises" Poroshenko did not harm Russia


Political scientist Alexander Asafov expressed his opinion about the "promises" given by the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian authorities called fake the data of the Georgian television that President Poroshenko had promised not to harm Russia. The situation was commented on by political analyst Alexander Asafov.

The expert doubted that such promises could have taken place. According to him, such documents are necessary for the president's opponents for political pressure. These papers can inflict huge damage to his reputation.

The thing is that cooperation with the Kremlin is a colossal blow to the image for Kyiv political elites, Asafov said. Perhaps the ex-governor of the Odessa region and counted on such an effect.

Also Alexander Asafov in an interview with RT https://russian.rt.com/ussr/news/470...rascheniye-fsb reported that Saakashvili, who has influence on the TV channel and transmitted information about Poroshenko's "promises, President of Ukraine and specializes in criticism addressed to him.

Link: https://tsargrad.tv/news/politolog-r...-rossii_105301