WWE stars have shared their support for fellow wrestler Peyton Royce, who criticised a journalist for his comments about her weight.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter journalist Dave Meltzer said in a radio interview that Royce used to be "a lot lighter" and agreed with the interviewer that she "was more attractive" before she left WWE's NXT brand in April 2018.

Royce now appears as part of the company's main roster of wrestlers on SmackDown, where she partners with fellow Australian Billie Kay.

Meltzer has since apologised for his comments, calling Royce "an exceedingly attractive woman" and stating that he "realizes the lengths and pressures on women in the entertainment world to maintain unnatural looks".

Royce took to social media to share her frustration after a fan tweeted the segment of the radio show about her, asking Meltzer if she should "starve herself".

Her comments sparked a series of tweets from fellow wrestlers eager to share their support.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Copeland said the situation "makes me sick", and later tweeted her hope that it would highlight "body shaming".

Royce's WWE partner Billie Kay said the comments were "unacceptable on so many levels", and called the Australian "perfect just the way she is".

Meanwhile, Renee Young, who on Monday became the first woman to commentate a full episode of Raw , called Royce "a great person" and urged people in the wrestling industry to "set better examples".

And former champion Seth Rollins took aim at Meltzer by using his star rating system against him in a simple tweet.

Meltzer did not attempt to defend his comments on social media.

Instead, he repeatedly apologised to the Australian wrestler and replied to various comments.

This included a response to WWE wrestler Tyler Breeze, with Meltzer stating that he hoped others would learn from his mistake.