CLOUDY skies proved to be the enemy of astronomy buffs and amateur photographers hoping to catch the perfect view of the blood moon lunar eclipse over Perth early yesterday.

But quick shooting and persistence over more than four hours from vantage points in Kings Park and South Perth saw amateur snapper Nicolai Abano capture the transit of the Moon, and stitch multiple shots together over Perth’s skyline to create a stunning image.

Leaving home about 1am yesterday, Mr Abano said the weather was gloomy with thick clouds and intermittent rain. He said when he arrived at Kings Park he could “barely see the Moon”.

“The clouds are moving so fast that when the Moon became visible I had to capture it quickly,” he said. “I managed to get the maximum eclipse but from then on the monstrous clouds took over, I got home around 5am.”

Mr Abano said despite the weather, he was thankful he recorded the “once-in-a-lifetime” astrological phenomenon.

Yesterday morning’s blood moon was at its peak from 3.30am and lasted until 5.13am, appearing completely red.

It was the second blood moon seen from WA this year, and at one hour and 43 minutes the longest total lunar eclipse this century.