A NURSE was left with a broken eye socket and cheek bone after being trampled by a cow as she walked her dog.

Mum Corrine Mathias, 52, was off work for six weeks following the attack near Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales.

She set off on the dog walk when she noticed a cow had gone into labour - and the calf appeared to be in trouble.

But when she went over to check, she was butted, barged and kicked by another cow trying to protect her own calf.

The nurse said: “It barged me to the floor and then kept on butting me in the face with its head. I was so shocked and frightened.”

Corrine, who also suffered severe bruising and a badly-trampled leg, spent six months battling back to health after the farmyard horror.

She said: “I kept having flashbacks and my whole body came out in bruising, making it very painful and uncomfortable to move around or sleep.”

The 52-year-old was lucky to survive the farm accident last year – and is now backing a campaign by the Wales Farm Safety Partnership to warn people of the dangers of farm animals.