A MUM of twins left a message for her family and friends from beyond the grave – telling her husband, “You will have no idea how much I will miss you.”

Jenny Thirlaway, 46, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, died on Tuesday, little more than a year after being diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer.

In a Facebook post published the day AFTER she died, she left a heartbreaking message to her 3,000 followers, giving them instructions on how to live their lives.

And she amazingly urged them to do something KIND in her memory – and for the ladies to wear red lippie.

It's prompted a huge response - with many of her followers posting pictures of themselves holding lipstick alongside the hashtag #redlippieforJenny

“Go out and do a random act of kindness for someone,” Jenny, mum to Molly and Jack, nine, bravely said. “Just pick a stranger and do something kind.

“For all you ladies out there, red lippy is a must for the day.

“Last but not least get yourself into a bar and order yourself an amaretto sour and toast love, kindness, friendship and fun.”

In the tear-jerking post, Jenny also admitted she would miss husband Scott, 44, who she cared for during his own battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, more than anything.

Jenny said: “Scott, my incredible other half, thank you for being at my side, teaching me lessons in patience, being humble and dignity.

“You have no idea how much I will miss you. I know with 100 percecnt of my heart, mind, and soul that our children are in the safest hands with you as their dad.”

Jenny wrote the poignant words at 11.45am on Tuesday, shortly before she died, and asked for them to be posted to her blog called “Elvis may have left the building but Jenny is in no hurry to leave the bloc” after she was gone.

And after working up almost 3,000 Facebook followers after receiving her diagnosis last year, hundreds have left their messages of support and condolence as her family get ready for her funeral.

Leah Bowman said: “RIP Jenny. Wear that red lipstick and show them all how to party up there.”

Linzi Gardner, posting a picture of some red lipstick, said: “Reading this on holiday in Spain just been for red lipstick will wear it tonight #redlippyforjenny.”

Jenny was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer and given around a year to live in May 2017 after suffering symptoms in February that year.

She previously said '”Just after Christmas [2016], I noticed that after having drinks with friends, I would have a sore stomach and diarrhoea the next day.

“Then, at the end of February, I had stomach pain. It was worse than being in labour. Still, I thought it was something like a burst cyst.”

But she remained positive, saying: “My life has been one thing after another and you can’t change that but I’m sure there are worse people off than me.

“I’ve had a great life, I’ve always done what I’ve had to do and I’ve always had good fun.

“If I can bring up the children to be kind, laugh and have fun, then that will shape their future. It will determine how they look on death as they grow up when I’m not here.”

And even in Jenny’s final Twitter posts she was brave, commenting on July 15: “Hi guys. I’m not doing so great now so will probably have a last post in the next few days.

“I’ve asked my friend to link in with fb but if not can one of blog followers update on here. Cheers guys. Keep going and keep being your awesome selves.”

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