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    Mum from hell jailed for 40 years for agreeing to allow ‘peado’ to rape her toddler

    AN "incest-obsessed" mum who tried to sell her two-year-old daughter for sex in Texas was yesterday jailed for 40 years.

    Twisted Sarah Peters, 25, arranged to meet a man who she thought wanted to "engage in sexual acts" with her toddler for a £900 fee.

    She also sent him nude photographs of her little girl in a further bid to seal the deal, according to court documents.

    After chatting to the man online, the sicko took a Greyhound bus with her daughter from her Houston home to Conroe, where she was expecting to come face to face with a paedophile.

    But the man she thought was willing to rape her child turned out to be detective Jerry Serratt, who was working on a task force that focuses on internet crimes against children.

    Serratt first contacted Peters after receiving a tip about a woman in the area who was "into incest", the Star Telegram reports.

    During one of Serratt's exchanges with Peters, she asked him if he knew "of any guys that would pay to have fun with (the victim)".

    Task force officers, and special agents with the Department of Homeland Security, arrested Peters at a local Greyhound bus station.

    Child Protective Services took custody of her daughter after it emerged she really did have the child in tow.

    Peters was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on February 22, according to prison records, and charged with sexual performance by a child, prostitution of a child and trafficking a child.

    She pleaded guilty to the charges yesterday.

    Prosecutor Tyler Dunman said: “The events of this case are hard to believe — that a mother would willingly expose her own daughter to this type of danger.

    “Our citizens must realize that this type of activity happens in our community.”

    Peters will be eligible for parole in 2038.

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    Hopefully the mother will rot in hell for letting that pedo do that to her kid.

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