A SAVVY six-year-old managed to order £250 worth of toys on Amazon using her parents’ iPad – and got it all shipped overnight before they had a chance to clock on.

This image of a grinning Caitlin went viral, as the cheeky youngster welcomed home her delivery to the shock of her unsuspecting parents.

Beaming, the image shows the youngster standing on the side of the road as boxes are off-loaded outside her house.

The massive Amazon order only came to light when the courier turned up at the family home in Utah, leaving the girl’s mum, aunt and cousin stunned.

Posting an image of the hilarious moment to Twitter, her cousin Ria wrote: “My badass little cousin ordered $300 worth of toys w/o my aunt & uncle knowing. This is a picture of how everyone found out.”

As the story unfolded, it emerged that Cailtin’s mum had allowed the child to order a Barbie doll as a birthday present on Amazon.

Days later, when the cheeky schoolgirl asked if she could check the status of her order, her mum unwittingly obliged.

The following morning, six boxes landed on the family’s doorstep, leaving the surprised parent scratching her head.

Ria explained: “Her mom went on her Amazon account and saw three pages of things she had ordered.”

While many online applauded the child’s guts and intelligence for actually managing to pull the stunt off, Caitlin was forced to return every single item ordered.

She was allowed to keep the birthday Barbie doll, though.

As the story of Caitlin’s antics did the rounds on Twitter, others came forward to share their own hilarious experiences of “smart” children and online shopping dramas.

Jessy Fine’Too said: “My son did this during Christmas time a few years ago and I called amazon in tears and they let me keep everything and refunded my money.”

Ashley V concurred: “When my son did it they offered to extend my prime membership for an additional 3 months for free... He ordered $473 worth of toys.. And a white comforter”

While Joy added: “My neighbours 10 year old told Alexa to send him a case of dishwashing soap. We all got some