A HOMELESS dementia sufferer missing for years has been found living on the streets and reunited with his family.

The man, known only as Declan, miraculously found his family just before Christmas after a mum posted his story online.

Mum-of-three Siobhan Foran wanted help to get warm clothes for Declan and asked people to donate on Facebook.

She wanted jumpers, hats and socks for the man who she found living on the streets of Northern Moor, Manchester.

But after posting her appeal, a woman claiming to be Declan's niece contacted her saying he had been missing for two years.

She told Siobhan he had dementia and the family had been trying to find him for years - with no idea he was homeless.

Siobhan told the Manchester Evening News: "He had been there for a long time and is such a lovely guy. He never asks for money and just wishes everyone a happy Christmas."

She said he hadn't looked well last week and was suffering with the cold.

So the mum asked if there was anyone she could call for him, after delivering a suitcase of supplies.

She added: "He told me that he had a daughter in Oldham and said that he wanted to clean himself up and go and find her.

"The following day, I got a call from a woman telling me she was his niece and that she had seen my post.

"She said he had been missing for two years and they had no idea he was homeless."

So Siobhan took to the streets to find Declan, before helping him reunite with his family.

He is back with his family in Oldham, ready for Christmas, and looking to find a permanent home.

Yesterday we told how a mum melted hearts by revealing how an elderly stranger gave her baby a Christmas present six months after knocking on her door to ask for directions.

Robyn Gordon answered the door during the summer to find a "lil old man" trying to find the address of a friend in her street in Pemberton, Greater Manchester.

The man, known only as Ray, who is believed to be a former teacher, asked to see Robyn's baby before going on his way.

Robyn thought nothing more about it until Thursday last week when Ray, aged around 70, returned to put an envelope through her door.

She was reduced to tears after opening it to find 40 cash and a hand-written note telling her to get something for her 11-month-old son, LJ.