A PERTH bakery has recalled bread from supermarkets and is now under investigation after a possible health scare with a toddler.

Eighteen-month-old Sergio Derada was eating a sandwich when his parents spotted metal in his mouth.

On further inspection they found several dangerous shards in the remainder of the loaf of bread.

They took him for a medical check and fortunately he was fine, but it was a huge scare for the family nonetheless.

“Either getting it stuck in his throat or even further down for bowel issues,’ dad Brad told 7 News Perth.

“As soon as we realised what was happening we took him to the doctor to get checked out.

“At the time it was really ‘does he have more wire, has he ingested some?’

“And also our two other children who were at school had sandwiches from the same loaf.”

The parents called Mia's Bakery within a couple of hours of the incident on Tuesday and management delivered free bread to the family and an apology in person.

But a recall didn't appear in the paper and online until today.

Council health inspectors are now investigating the bakery for a possible safety breach and the City of Gosnells has the power to fine the business up to $250,000.

But loaves possibly affected have been pulled off the shelves.

In a statement Mia's Bakery owner Bovells said: "The business takes the health of its customers as top priority and relies on the latest metal detection equipment... to keep consumers safe.”