MOSCOW, March 14 (Itar-Tass) - RIA Novosti. The Bundestag elected Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany for the fourth time in a row. Most deputies supported it, so the vote was technical.

"Angela Merkel received the necessary majority, she was elected chancellor," said the head of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schaeuble.

The deputies met the results of secret voting with long and prolonged applause. On the tribune of honor in the Bundestag, the husband of Merkel Joachim Sauer and the 89-year-old mother of Chancellor Gerlind Kasner were present.

The candidature of Merkel was put forward by the president of the country Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Last fall of Germany held elections to the Bundestag, after which negotiations began to form a coalition. On Monday, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) led by Merkel, the Christian Social Union (CSU), headed by Horst Seehofer and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) with its leader Olaf Scholz, signed a coalition agreement in Berlin that defines the political the course of the future government (the so-called "big coalition") for the next four years.

Chancellor's post

The Chancellor is the head of the German government. He appoints federal ministers and determines the political course of the country. The Chancellor is elected by the Bundestag for four years and can be removed from office prematurely only by means of a constructive vote of no confidence.

The candidacy of the chancellor is put forward by the president for consideration by the Bundestag. Then the head of state approves the position of chancellor and - on his recommendation - the federal ministers.

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