A ROYAL expert has branded Meghan Markle's family "tacky" and likened them to the "Jerry Springer Show".

The Duchess of Sussex's relatives have been slammed by a former royal editor, who also praised her "dignified" mum Doria Ragland.

Duncan Larcombe targeted pregnant Meghan's father Thomas and half-sister Samantha in a new interview with Yahoo's Royal Box series.

The journalist - who is also author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story - said: "They have reduced the commentary of the Royal family to something from the Jerry Springer Show, you know it's tacky."

However, he said that Doria - who separated from Meghan's father when she was six - had acted perfectly both before and after her 37-year-old daughter's wedding to Prince Harry last year.

"She's maintained a dignified silence, she has done everything right," he explained.

The biographer also revealed that Prince Harry and Prince William are very protective of their wives.

He said: "I've found that with Harry and William as well, that if you write a story about them that's true, and that's fair, they don't have a problem with it.

"Where they start getting angry or defensive is when you get something wrong, they're also very, very defensive of their other halves."

Shockingly, Larcombe added that he almost had a "fight" with the Duke of Sussex once.

He explained: "Harry and I very nearly had a fight once.

"It was fine, we had a bit of a heated argument, but Harry is a passionate guy and if he's angry he'll tell you. Good on him, he's honest."

Larcombe - who reported on the princes for The Sun during the infamous 'Nazi-gate' when a 19-year-old Harry wore a Swastika to a fancy dress party - added: "There were real concerns [in the royal family] that Prince Harry was here imploding publicly, and what was that going to do to the reputation of the Royals?

"As it turns out it was the best thing that could have happened to them, this wild and rebellious prince has now become the Jewel In The Crown of the British Royal Family."It was recently revealed that Meghan and Harry wouldn't be hiring a nanny when their baby arrives, but will be relying on help from grandma Doria.