MEGHAN Markle’s blossoming baby bump has been caught on camera by Karen Anvil – the amateur photographer who made £40,000 from her “Fab Four” snap last year.

The 40-year-old snapped the adorable picture of Meghan as she spoke to well-wishers at Sandringham with Princes William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Kate Middleton.

Karen admitted she wasn’t planning on heading to Sandringham this year but changed her mind at the last minute and went to join the crowds lining the road.

As well as taking the gorgeous picture, Karen said she managed to have a chat with the 37-year-old Duchess and said it was “especially lovely” to speak with her as “one mother to another”.

Karen added: She loves that child.

“Her bump holding was pure instinct, natural and not staged at all.”

Karen’s image of Harry, Meghan, William and Kate was used in over 50 countries last year – making her enough money to take an entire year off work.

As well as this, Karen used the £40,000 she made from the snap, taken on her mobile phone, to revamp her house and pay off her debts.

Karen, from Norfolk, revealed she has made a regular monthly income from sales, which has ranged from £600 to £6,000.

She said to BBC: “The biggest change for me was that it was so nice to go shopping at Tesco and not be worried about whether I've got the cash in the bank.”

Karen lives in a council house, and has been able to transform the bathroom, kitchen and her bedroom in the pad.

One of the first items she bought was a bed, after sleeping on the floor on a mattress for 18 months.

She added: “I couldn't afford to replace my bed frame which had broke.”

Karen also pledged to use some of the money to help her daughter Rachel go to university, and some of the money has gone towards her driving lessons and a car.

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It comes after claims Meghan had been branded "Duchess Difficult" by Palace insiders after another of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's aides - Samantha Cohen - resigning from her role.

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