MEGHAN Markle's half-brother pretends to lick his dog's behind, feels his fake boobs while wearing drag and pulls silly faces, in this bizarre set of photos.

Tom Markle Jr told Sun Online he and his family have always had a "kind of weird sense of humour" that started with his dad Thomas Markle Sr.

He said it took sister Meghan "a while" to understand their strange family humour but she soon came round to the "Markle way".

In two of the images, 52-year-old Tom holds Darlene's small dog Cheeto above his head and protrudes his tongue towards its rear-end.

This year Meghan will spend Christmas with the Queen in a festive day that will be nothing like the Duchess of Sussex has experienced before.

There will be no curling up to watch films for the Royal clan, instead they have to make their own entertainment.

Festive games include charades, which as a former Hollywood star, Meghan is sure to do well at.

Lunch, drinks and even party games will all follow a strict timetable.

The day is set to be in stark contrast to the antics at Tom Markle Jr's house on December 25.

His fiance Darlene Blount posted images of his dog prank on Facebook last month, and joked: "Whatever he says is a lie and he licked my dogs butthole".

In other pictures shared with Sun Online, Tom can be seen pulling silly faces, pretended to pick the nose of a cardboard cut out Bud Light "queen" and dressing in drag.

"Our warped sense of humour has been in our family forever," he revealed.

"My dad used to tie fishing line to toys and things in our bedroom after watching a scary movie, then pull objects while we were going to bed to scare us.

"My mom would hide around corners with buckets of water and start huge water fights inside and outside our house.

"My dad would change Meg's diaper while I had friends over after school, then put chocolate pudding in a new diaper without anybody seeing and sit down next to us and eat it and totally gross out my friends.

"We all looked horrified, thinking he was eating Meg's dirty diaper.

"It's funny because I played the exact same joke on Darlene's son the other day when one of our friends came round with a little baby.

"My dad put a bunch of that goopy slime stuff in under our bed sheets one time so we would climb into bed and run our feet into the slime and jump out of bed.

"Every one including Meg got the whoopy cushion trick at the dinner table occasionally.

"So it definitely runs in the family. I remember it took Meghan a while to come around to the Markle sense of humour but she did in the end.

"Every one in our family - except Vonnie [Samantha] - has had a funny, warped sense of humour all through life to this day and I’ve played these pranks and many others on my kids.

"Through good times and bad times I’ve always found humour and laughter and making people laugh to be the best medicine.

"People might not always get my sense of humour but they should just lighten up - I don't think it's weird, I think it's pretty hilarious in fact.

"The dog one was from when we recused Cheeto from the animal shelter.

"He had something wrong with his butthole - it looked really strange - so that was me just making a joke about it. That's what I'm like with everything.

"The drag picture was to shock one of my best friends at his birthday party - everyone there could not stop laughing when they saw me.

"People think the Markles just argue all the time but actually we're fun people - it's time people saw there was another side to us."

Tom and fiancé Darlene, who live together in Grant's Pass, Oregon, often joke around on social media.

In one post from August 2018, Tom announced he was "engaged", but just a week later commented: "Wow my supposed fiancé changes her relationship status more than I change my underwear, wtf".

Darlene hit back with saying: "You don't wear underwear" and "Unless your (sic) talking about when you shave your ass hairs".

"Darlene and I are always joking around too," Tom said.

"We have a similar sense of humour and actually get along really well - contrary to what everyone says about us.

"The purse picture is from last month, I picked it off the table and Darlene said 'Oh that looks good on you' so I posed for the picture. We're like that all the time - life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

"Yes we've had out ups and downs but so does every couple - it's just ours are blown out of all proportion.

"We're best friends, we're very happy together and looking forward to getting married."

Meghan has become estranged from the Markle side of the family over the past few years.

She didn't invite any of her siblings to her wedding in May.

And her father pulled out of the wedding after it emerged he had staged paparazzi photos.

Thomas Sr has since spoke at length about his rift with his daughter - claiming she has "ghosted" him and ignores his text messages.

The Duchess of Sussex is also estranged from her half-sister Samantha.

Samantha let loose on her Royal sister after Thomas Sr revealed he hadn't heard from Meghan since she married Prince Harry.

She wrote on Twitter: "Since she doesn’t care about our father she certainly doesn’t care about me. She’s all about women’s issues unless it’s a woman in a wheelchair and her sister. Isn’t that nice?"

Tom Jr has also spoken out about how he would like to one day heal the rift between their family.

Back in October he shared a handwritten note to Meghan in which he asked her to call their dad.

And he said he hoped Meghan's baby, due in spring, will help bring the family together again.