Russian holidaymakers have been treated to a terrifying sight after a giant waterspout formed a small distance from a seaside resort.

Video captured at the resort by the Black Sea in the area of Arkhipo-Osipovka on July 20 was posted to Instagram by witness @grk.albatros.

The video, taken from the terrace of a hotel by the water, opens on a shot of beachgoers milling by the water.

It then shifts to reveal the monstrous tornado-like formation hovering just offshore.

Many bystanders can be seen gathering by the shore to watch the unusual formation.

"Fair weather" waterspouts are whirling columns of air and water that tend to remain in one spot, unlike "tornadic" waterspouts.

While some can pose risks similar to standard tornadoes, waterspouts are generally known to dissipate upon making landfall.