SHE may have married a prince, but Meghan Markle has still not been given British citizenship - meaning her baby will make history by being the first Anglo-American born into the royal family in the spring.

What's more, the Duchess of Sussex is already thought to be planning to bring up her and Prince Harry's child - who will automatically receive American citizenship too - to celebrate traditional US holidays, including Thanksgiving and July 4.

The California-born former Suits actress, 37, began her application to become full-fledged Brit shortly before her engagement to the Duke of Sussex was announced in November 2017.

However, 14 months on, it has still not been approved - and is unlikely to be before late April and early May when she revealed her first child is due to arrive.

Despite her royal status, sources have told The Sunday Times that she is not being given special treatment or being fast-tracked, and it could take "several years" like everyone else.

This means that her child will automatically acquire American citizenship at birth.

Meghan is understood to be keen her child is brought up fully aware of its American heritage.

She is thought to be planning to ensure they celebrate key American holidays as she did.

It will be the first time a royal baby has been born with such a dual nationality.

"Iím quite sure we havenít had another British-American baby born into the royal family," historian Hugo Vickers, told the paper.

"But Meghan married an English prince so to all intents and purposes that baby will be British."

However, the Duchess isn't the first American to marry into the royal family.

According to royal expert Victoria Arbiter, throwing one is unheard of for members of The Firm.

While the royals are "very wealthy... a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate... there's nothing they can't go out and buy themselves".