A GAY Sikh man was forced to dress as a woman on his wedding day because his in-laws didn't want guests to know he was a man.

Roy Singh, from Manchester, had to wear high heels, a wig and make up when he wed his husband and had to change his name on the day to "Lucky".

The 29-year-old met his husband when he was just 18 and moved to London to live in his family home, The Mirror reports.

On the day of his wedding, he dressed as a bride in front of 450 guests and was forced to keep up the lie by continuing to dress in woman's clothes.

He said: "She said if I wanted to marry him I would have to dress as a woman on the wedding day.

"I would also need to pretend to be a woman for a while to convince the community her son isn't gay."

But his wedding day was just the start of his problems after he was subjected to nine months of abuse by his British-Sikh in-laws.

Roy says he tried to kill himself while being treated like a slave and was forced to do 18 hours of chores a day as he was given just one bowl of Weetabix and a smoothie a day.

He was told by his mother-in-law he was too fat and would often wet himself as he was barred from using the toilet.

Roy said: "My mum-in-law started calling me her daughter-in-law. There was a time when I came down in slippers, not really dressed.

"She said I needed to maintain myself at all times and never come down again like that."

His ordeal then became worse when his parents saw photos on Facebook of him dressed as a woman on his wedding day.

Roy said: "My mother-in-law wanted to sit down with my family and tell them what had happened. They took it really badly and told me never to come home again."

He eventually plucked up the courage to leave after nine months of hell and ended up in a homeless shelter.

But four months later he tried to kill himself while wearing his wedding outfit after discovering his husband was getting married to a woman.

Brave Roy was saved by a passer-by and reconnected with his parents. He now performs in drag under the name Lucky in a bid to take control of his identity.

His ex, who has not been named, said: "Me and my mum would like to apologise to Roy Lucky Singh."