A MAN was left baffled at an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv, Isreal, when his £7 "cheesy fried potatoes" turned out to be crisps with grated parmesan.

Ryan Wilson, a broadcast journalist from London, was dining out at a local Italian restaurant with his partner when he got a hilarious surprise after his order.

After ordering cheesy fried potatoes off the menu, the 35-year-old realised Tel Aviv's answer to that order was some crisps topped with sprinkled grated parmesan cheese.

Ryan instantly took to Twitter to share the unexpected surprise, saying: "Ordered 'cheesy fried potatoes' at a local Italian restaurant last night.

"Literally a few Tyrrells with a bit of Parmesan."

People were surprised by Ryan's post, and some shared their opinion on Israel's answer to cheesy fried potatoes.

One Twitter user said: "I refuse to accept an Italian served you this".

While another tagged her friend and said: "Almost as bad as our 'patatas bravas' in Alicante - crisps and ketchup."

Another said: "This is so sad, I'm so sorry."

Aside from the slight mishap, Ryan said the restaurant's food tasted "pretty good".

He told Mirror Online: "My partner and I live in London but we're on holiday in Tel Aviv.

"We'd tried some restaurants serving local food and decided to go for an Italian last night and this place had good reviews on TripAdvisor.

"I thought cheesy fried potatoes sounded great... but we couldn't stop laughing when it turned up and it was just a bowl of crisps with a bit of Parmesan.

"In fairness, I think they'd made them in the restaurant and they tasted pretty good."