MOSCOW, July 22 - RIA Novosti. The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Freedom faction, Ukrainian nationalist Irina Farion accused the inhabitants of Croatia of neglecting her compatriots and forgetting about the historical past.

As the ex-People's Deputy stated on the air of the "Fifth Channel", now Ukraine is going through not the best of times. According to Farion, this is connected both with the problems inside the country, and with the situation on the international arena.

"The worst thing is disrespectful attitude towards us all over the world.If the world respected us, we would not expel the player for the slogan" Glory to Ukraine. "Even the Croats send us," Farion stressed.

At the same time she reminded the inhabitants of Croatia that they had moved to the Balkans "from the territory of Western Ukraine in the fourth to sixth centuries". According to her, even the name of the country Croats owe to the Ukrainians.

"I will soon publish a collection of articles by my supervisor, in which he tells where the ethnonym" Croats "originated - this is from our Horeb," the nationalist said. (Philologists believe that the name of the country goes back to the ancient Iranian word for "guardian of cattle." - Ed.)

After the victory of the Croatian team over the Russian national team in the quarterfinal match of the World Championship, a video appeared on the Internet in which Croatian footballer Domagoi Vida shouted "Glory to Ukraine" and member of the national delegation Ognjen Vukojevic added that it was a victory for Dynamo and Ukraine. In the past, both Croats played for the Kiev football club.

After the incident, Vukojevic was suspended from working with the Croatian national team until the end of the mundial and fined 15,000 francs. FIFA issued a warning.

Farion is known for its provocative and nationalistic utterances. Earlier, she called the Russian-speaking Ukrainians "traitors."