KEVIN Spacey hid his face with a scarf as he was seen for the first time in a year since being accused of sexual assault.

The actor, 59, appeared dishevelled as he wore a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms and a snug-fitting white T-shirt as he rushed from a warehouse to a waiting car on Friday.

He had on a pair of brown shoes which did not have any laces as he wore a blue hat while he had a matching scarf pulled up over his face.

Shamed Hollywood star Kevin carried a backpack in his hand as he gripped two books under his arm as he got in the waiting vehicle, where a man who appeared to be his manager Evan Lownestein was waiting.

The last time the actor was seen in public was in December 2017 where he was seen jogging outside at the Meadows Rehab Centre in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Kevin Spacey was one of Hollywood's most decorated actors - known for roles in acclaimed films like The Usual Suspects and American Beauty.

But following claims he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy, he has faced a wave of further allegations, which he has denied, with some prompting statements that he would be seeking professional help.

The Los Angeles prosecutors have revealed Spacey is looking at a fresh charge of sexual assault, Sky News reports.

LA District Attorney spokesman Greg Risling said: "A sex assault case was presented to us by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department involving Kevin Spacey.

"It remains under review."

This is the second sexual assault case against Spacey that is being dealt with by LA prosecutors and both cases date back to 1992.

Spacey has also been charged with felony and indecent assault in Nantucket, Massachusetts after it is alleged he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old man in 2016.

London's Met Police is probing six allegations against the Oscar-winning actor after more men have come forward.

Scotland Yard told The Sun Online they received three more allegations of sexual assault from February to April this year.

Actor Anthony Rapp was the first person to make an allegation against Spacey, claiming he was 14 when a 26-year-old Spacey made a sexual advance upon him in 1986.

London's Old Vic theatre, where Spacey was an artistic director from 2004 to 2015, apologised in November, revealing it had received 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

Theatre bosses said a “cult of personality” had contributed to the organisation’s failings.

In total, more than 30 men have claimed they were victims of the House of Cards star's unwanted advances.

He was accused of assaulting a man in West Hollywood in 1992. But the case was dropped in September 2018.

Los Angeles prosecutors said too much time had elapsed and it was now outside California’s statute of limitations.

He is still under investigation for a new sex assault case in LA after a second alleged victim came forward in August and claimed the actor assaulted him in Malibu in 2016.

Spacey has denied the anonymous paedophilia claims and all other allegations of wrongdoing.

Within hours of the Anthony Rapp allegations surfacing, Kevin Spacey posted a statement on Twitter apologising but saying he could not remember the incident.

He also publicly came out as gay for the first time.

The statement said: "I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp as an actor. I'm beyond horrified to hear his story.

"I honestly do not remember the encounter, it would have been over 30 years ago.

"But if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years.

"This story has encouraged me to address other things about my life."