KATE Middleton and Meghan Markle were all smiles today as they joined the royals at Sandringham for their annual Christmas Day church service.

But while it may have appeared that the two feuding sisters-in-law had put aside their differences for the sake of the festive season, body language expert Judi James claims Kate and Meghan's uncharacteristically friendly display was simply for the sake of the cameras.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Judi described Kate and Meghan's arrival at church as "powerful and significant" due to the "rumours of royal rifts that have developed over the past few months."

While Kate and Meghan may have seemed happy and relaxed in each other's company at first, Judi said their behaviour "looked like intentional signalling" and claimed the pair where "putting on a display of unity and even friendship for the cameras."

However, it appears that the Duchess making "the most effort to display friendship was Kate herself."

Describing how Kate "seems to be adopting a matriarchal role in the Royal Family", Judi said the Duchess of Cambridge's body language indicates that "her future role as queen is firmly in mind."

Commenting on Kate's stance away from her husband Prince William, Judi added: "It was she who took the job of PR for the two couples here, opting to not hold her husband’s hand as she had last year."

Instead, Kate kept "a pace away from him and closer to Meghan in order to breach any ideas of a physical and emotional gap."

In contrast, parents-to-be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walked through the church grounds with their arms linked.

While Meghan "clung to Harry's bicep" all the while, Kate confidently "stepped across to "communicate with her sister-in-law" - and put on a display of unity for the world's cameras.

Attempting to put the feud rumours to rest, "the two women used eye contact and broad smiles to suggest happiness and at one point Kate even raised a hand to chat.

What's more, "Kate even raised a hand to chat, performing the kind of dimpled and slightly suppressed smile that would suggest the two women were sharing a joke."