A SOUTH Korean popstar is taking on some tougher subject matter in a new song which is rapidly going viral worldwide: politics. More specifically, the historic Trump-Kim summit held in Singapore in June.

In a new video from Lee Seung-hyun, better known as Big Bang’s Seungri, the K-Pop star crashes a tense meeting between the two world leaders before hijacking it and turning it into a dance party.

In one scene, the dodgy, comical lookalikes of US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un sip on champagne arm-in-arm while the song’s chorus pumps.

The music video also shows Seung-hyun on the front cover of Time magazine, possibly alluding to Mr Trump’s many controversial Time magazine covers since becoming president in 2016.

Covers featuring Mr Trump have already caused a stir twice this year.

One depicted the president towering over a widely-shared photo of a crying immigrant girl with the words “Welcome to America”, in reference to his controversial zero-tolerance immigration policy which separated children from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

Another featured a provocative photo illustration of the president morphing into Russian president Vladimir Putin, referencing his contentious summit with the Russian dictator which was slammed by commentators worldwide and described by a former CIA director as “nothing short of treasonous”.

In another possible cheeky reference, the start of the music video is set up like a live news broadcast, which mirrors the style of a CNN news broadcast.

Mr Trump has a very public dislike for the broadcaster, persistently berating CNN and its reporters on social media.

The music video had already been viewed more than 3 million times since it was uploaded just days ago on July 26, at the time of writing.