JEREMY Thorpe’s ex-lover has accused eight Prime Ministers of being part of a plot to cover up his attempted murder.

Former model Norman Scott, 78, posted a video on social media vowing to get to the truth and warning: “My fight for justice has not ended.”

He had planned to make the short acceptance speech for an award won by the BBC for a TV series telling of the ex-Liberal leader’s conspiracy to murder him.

But train services were disrupted and he never made it to the ceremony at Church House, London, so made it at home and posted it on Facebook.

Mr Scott says: “It is strange to think that the plans of my demise were hatched not 500 yards from here, in the Palace of Westminster.

“Since then, eight Prime Ministers, 18 Home Secretaries and 10 Metropolitan Police Commissioners have been patently guilty in the protection of one of their own.

“There are still two men, who have publicly confessed their part in the conspiracy to murder me. Neither man has ever been arrested or prosecuted. I wonder why.”

Mr Thorpe, played by Hugh Grant in the telly drama A Very English Scandal, was cleared of conspiracy to murder in 1979. He died in 2014.

Police had wrongly assumed Andrew Newton, the man allegedly hired to kill Mr Scott, was dead but found him alive last year.

But they announced they would not reopen an investigation.

In his speech, Mr Scott added: “I would like to say that for sure that others like me, gay young men and women have been used, abused and discarded by powerful people in this country and all over the world.

“This award in my book should go to them.

"You are not alone. Truth will prevail. Watch me, Norman Scott.”