TWITTER users have blasted ITV News’ “insensitive”, “tactless” and “smug” opening to the Genoa bridge disaster which has killed dozens - including children.

News at Ten presenter Tom Bradby has sparked outrage on social media while introducing a video package about the tragedy in northern Italy.

He said: “How often have all of us driven over a motorway bridge? Has it ever crossed your mind that it might actually fall down beneath you? “Well today in Genoa, one did with devastating consequences.”

Twitter users slammed the coverage branding it “ridiculous.”

One wrote: “Is it me or is Tom Bradby’s delivery on @itvnews totally out of sync with the headlines he’s reading out! “Absolutely ridiculous tone for the Genoa tragedy.”

Ann Bell wrote: "Thomas Bradby tone introducing the collapse of bridge in Genoa is totally inappropriate. Sounds like he thinks it is funny."

Niks noted: "I am still genuinely confused as to why @tombradby just introduced the @itvnews like it was a prank. People dying in a motorway bridge collapse isn’t light hearted. Where’s the respect?"

Jennifer Keegan tweeted: "Most disrespectful and tactless reporting on @itvnews of Genoa road disaster. It’s not an action film, people are dead!!!"

Another added: “@itn was it just me or was the demeanour of @tombradby a bit light hearted when opening the news with the Genoa bridge disaster tonight?”

While posting video of Bradby’s intro, one user wrote: “In case you missed it, here’s how @tombradby introduced the Italian bridge disaster in which dozens were killed. Dumbfounded.”

One said: "#tombradby what kind of intro to the Italian disaster was that! Absolutely shocking and heartless journalism.. if not your words then the script writer needs a new job!"

Another wrote: “The news is not the place for a such a flippant ,smug attitude!”

One Twitter user posted: “Dreadful news introduction from @tombradby on ITV News tonight regarding #Genoa bridge disaster.

“People have died including children so odd to have such an upbeat, pun-heavy introduction.”

Others called for the newsreader to apologise.

Graham Smales said: "Any sign of an apology from @tombradby @itvnews @NewsAtTen? The sheer arrogance and continued insensitivity is breathtaking. All parties should be ashamed of themselves. #itvnews #tombradby #news #ITV".

The Sun Online has contacted ITV News for a comment.

The head of the local ambulance service reportedly said there were "dozens of dead" following the tragedy in Genoa at 11.30am local time.

And within two hours of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge there were already at least 35 confirmed deaths with more seriously injured.

The governor of the local region Giovanni Toti this afternoon that said he expected the death toll to "grow significantly.'