HYDE Park IRA bombing suspect John Downey has put ownership of his new seaside home in his wife’s name as he prepares to be sued over the attack.

Downey, 66, faces a civil action over the nail bomb outrage that killed four members of the Household Cavalry on July 20, 1982.

Seven military bandsmen died in a second bombing at Regents Park minutes later. Downey’s murder trial collapsed in 2014 because the Good Friday Agreement gave IRA members immunity.

He now faces a civil action brought by Hyde Park victims’ families. It could see him ordered to pay compensation.

Last June, as lawyers were mounting the case, ex-IRA man Downey stripped his name from Irish land registry documents relating to his newly built £300,000 home with private beach in Co Donegal, Ireland.

It is not known why but Mark Stephens, of London law firm Howard Kennedy said a court could treat the property as his if a judge finds he made the transaction to “defeat future creditors”.

Downey denies involvement in the Hyde Park attack.