HUNDREDS of British ISIS babies born to jihadi brides could be entitled to come back to the UK, the Home Secretary admitted.

Sajid Javid said 900 Brits had left to become fighters or marry into the death cult in Iraq and Syria – and most will have had kids.

He said children of British parents automatically have UK citizenship – no matter where they are in the world.

Mr Javid made the admission as he was grilled about jihadi bride Shamima Begum, who is demanding to come back to Britain with her newborn son.

He told MPs on the home affairs committee: “I can confirm that if you are a British-born mother and you have a child anywhere in the world, that child, so long as you are British at the point that child is born, is British.”

Asked whether there was any plan for Begum’s son, to be allowed into Britain, Mr Javid said: “Sadly, there are probably many hundreds of children that have been born to foreign fighters.

“As I mentioned, 900 people have gone out, we don’t have a breakdown between men and women, but a significant proportion have been female foreign fighters.

“Some of them may have taken children with them, and many of them would have had children out there whilst in Syria and working with Daesh [also known as ISIS].”

Begum ran away from Bethnal Green with two pals in 2015 and married an ISIS fighter in Syria.

She announced she wanted to come back to Britain earlier this month, but Mr Javid stripped her of her citizenship to block her return.

Grilled by MPs yesterday, he admitted that her newborn son is British and could be allowed back into Britain.

But he said it would be “incredibly difficult” to facilitate the return of the baby.

He said: “If it’s possible somehow for a British child to be brought to a place where there is a British consular presence, Turkey for example, in those circumstances I guess potentially it is possible to arrange some sort of help with the consent of the parent.”