THE son of a wealthy family has been arrested after a high speed hit-and-run crash sliced a newlywed father-to-be in half.

Police said the suspect had drunk the equivalent of half a bottle of vodka and was driving at twice the speed limit at the time of the horror smash.

Video shows the dead man, named as Ildus Mukhametov, 28, walking on the zebra crossing in the city of Ufa in Russia.

The suspect's car then appears and ploughs directly into the pedestrian at high speed.

Seconds after the horrific incident, the driver, only identified as Andrey, 27, fled on foot with his passenger.

They were soon caught by police but initially tried to confuse cops as to who was driving the Audi 8.

The upper part of the victim's body smashed through the windscreen and was wedged inside the car beside the front passenger seat.

Severed body parts were also left strewn on the road.

The victim’s mother Rimma Mukhametova, 51, said: “He was the eldest of my three children - and I do not know how I will cope now.

“He helped me in everything, supported me. When his wife heard he had died, she was physically sick.

“They got married in spring and he was looking forward so much to being a father. Why did God need to take my son so young?”

The grieving mother said she was fearful that the driver’s influential family will help him avoid facing the full force of the law.

“He has an influential father and I fear he will escape punishment,” she said.