THE rapper boyfriend of Holby City actor John Michie's daughter filmed himself SMILING as she lay dying in front of him, a court heard.

Jurors watched a 50-minute video of Louella Fletcher-Michie filmed by Ceon Broughton at Bestival music festival in September 2017.

Clips appear to show Broughton smiling as he turns the camera on himself and tells Louella, "it's between me and you", a court heard.

He is alleged to have given her class A party drug 2C-P and left her to die.

The harrowing footage also included her trying to eat thorns and hitting and slapping herself with bloody hands as she begged for her parents.

Louella, the daughter of actor John Michie, took the drug in the woods at the Dorset music festival and died an hour before her 25th birthday, the court heard.

Clips were shown in court of the 24-year-old lying on her back calling out for her mum and dad - and telling Broughton not to post the video on YouTube.

Broughton, 29, is heard telling her to "sort yourself out, battle through this" and "shut up, shut up".

Jurors watched her shout out for her mum about 80 times as her boyfriend films her.

Louella screamed “Make sure you’re filming this. Put a camera on me now.

“You better be f****** recording Ceon. Don’t f****** put this on YouTube."

Sort yourself out, battle through this

Ceon Broughton
Her boyfriend then seemed to placate her telling her “It won’t, it’s between us”.

Her parents rushed to the site after telephoning grime artist Broughton and heard Louella "screeching", Winchester Crown Court heard.

However, Broughton insisted she was fine and referred to Louella as a "drama queen", jurors heard.

Broughton, who performs under the name CEONRPG, denies manslaughter and supplying Louella the drug.

In the film shown to jurors Louella is heard saying: “I have taken acid before but this isn’t acid.

“Mum this is mad isn’t it?

“This is my mum, my dad, my brother and my sister this is powers. I love you. I don’t give a f*** about any of you lot.

“This is the best trip I have ever had. It’s amazing.”

Jurors were told Broughton filmed Louella, a dancer and yoga teacher, as her condition deteriorated.

As Broughton kept filming she then appeared to change her mind about putting the video online.

She shouted: “Amazing if this goes on YouTube. This is drama. This is real.

“This is Instagram, Facebook. Mum I know myself, grandma. This will make me millions. This will make me billions.

“I just made a f****** movie.

“Mum I know my ting, I ain’t having a joke. Call my mum right now this is Instagram. Brap, this is a f****** film.”

Pictures and audio were also displayed which showed Broughton holding her severely scratched hand at 10.41pm.

Less than an hour later a picture taken by him at 11.24pm which appeared to show her lifeless body at his feet.

Jurors heard on Tuesday Enfield local Broughton, who has worked with top rappers Skepta and Wiley, instead stayed in woods as she fell seriously ill.

The first day of evidence at his trial – where he denies manslaughter and supplying the drug – was told he failed to get help because he feared getting arrested.

Her dad Mr Michie, 62, made a 130-mile dash from their north London home with wife Carol Fletcher after she heard Louella “screeching” on the phone.

Broughton denies all charges.

The trial continues.