The US Treasury is working on sanctions against the "oligarchs" and statesmen mentioned in the open part of the "Kremlin report," the head of the department, Stephen Mnuchin, said at a hearing of the US Senate Finance Committee. The meeting was broadcasted on the committee's website.

He answered the question of Senator Ben Cardin (a member of the Democratic Party, representing the state of Maryland) about why sanctions have not yet been introduced on the "Kremlin report". "This sends a clear signal to Mr. Putin that he can continue to behave this way (interfere in the elections - RBC), without fear of consequences. Can you explain how you intend to obey the law? "Cardin asked.

The minister said that his department is committed to enforce the law. He said that the powers to sanction the Russian intelligence and defense sector are delegated to the US State Department, the Ministry of Finance deals with "oligarchs" and "state leaders." Preparing the "Kremlin report" is only the first stage, Mnuchin stressed.