TRIVIAL Pursuit players have been left scratching their heads after all questions in the Harry Potter edition were printed in Italian.

They had all been given the popular general knowledge board game as a Christmas present or bought for someone else.

But after the gifts were opened for a bit of traditional festive fun, a bit of the boy wizard’s magic or at least a dictionary was needed when the 600 answering questions.

The blunder led to some irate Trivial Pursuit players seeking answers on Twitter from Tesco and other retailers.

One user, Amber Brown, wrote: “Hey guys, hope you're having a good Christmas! Kind of a weird question, we bought the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game from your Formby store as a Christmas present, and opening it today we found that all the questions are in Italian? Is this a common thing?”

Another disappointed Harry Potter fan Sarah Burfitt said: “Was looking forward to Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit... Shame all the cards are in Italian."

Mike Roberts said: “When you buy Harry Potter triv as a Christmas pressie and find out all 600 questions are in Italian.....”

Another twitter user said: "Bought Chloe Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit questions out of Tesco and they’re in Italian, everything about the box is in English and there’s absolutely no indication that they’d be in bloody Italian man wtffffff."

Others appeared to be resorting to other means of continuing the game.

Connor McNamee said: “Dave got an Italian version of a Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game by accident so now we’re ploughing through with Google Translate so he gets to play it”

Tesco replied to customers’ complaints by saying they would be looking into the matter.

Game maker Hasbro has been approached for comment.