MOSCOW, July 18 (Itar-Tass) - RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece accused the Russian Foreign Ministry of "disrespect for a third country", a lack of understanding of the modern world and demanded to stop "constant disrespect for Greece" and interference in internal affairs.

This statement was a reaction to a briefing by the official representative of the Russian agency Maria Zakharova. She commented on the expulsion of two Russian diplomats and the ban on the entry of two more Russian citizens to Greece. According to her, such steps do not remain without consequences. She noted that in Russia there is an understanding that "the people of Greece must communicate with the Russian partner, Russians and not suffer from dirty provocations, to which, unfortunately, Athens was dragged."

The statement of the Greek Foreign Ministry says that "states, regardless of their size, have independence and can carry out an independent, democratic and multifaceted foreign policy."

"This negative logic has prompted four Russian citizens to take actions that led to their deportation or prohibition of entry to Greece," the agency reported to RIA Novosti.

The ministry claims that it has informed the Russian authorities about the situation.

"In addition, the Russian authorities themselves know very well what their people are doing," the document says.

According to the ministry, Greece sought to separate the actions of these people from the official Russian foreign policy.

"However, by its today's statement, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry accepts them and shows that she would like to legalize these illegal actions," the statement said.

The Foreign Ministry called "unfounded" statements that the decision to send diplomats was taken under pressure from other countries.

"(These statements - Ed.) Are unworthy of comments and show the mentality of people who do not understand the principles and values ​​of Greek foreign policy," concluded the Greek diplomats.