A TEENAGER who was pushed off a 60ft bridge by her friend wants the 18-year-old to "sit in jail and think about what she did" after she almost died.

Jordan Holgerson, 16, cracked five ribs and punctured her lung when Taylor Smith shoved her into the Lewis River in Vancouver, Washington, last week.

The schoolgirl told Today: “At first I didn’t really want Taylor to get into trouble, but now that I’ve thought about it more, I’m kind of wanting her to sit in jail and think about at least what she did."

Smith earlier told the broadcaster she "feels really bad about what happened" and admitted she has apologised to her pal "several times".

But Jordan's family aren't convinced Taylor is genuine, adding that she never went to visit her friend in hospital and was “going out as if nothing happened.”

And the ailing teen is waving the apology off — saying it doesn’t change the fact that she nearly died.

She said: “I kind of got mad because the rest of my summer’s gone and I’m probably going to be recovering for the rest of the school year.

“I’m in a lot of pain.”

She added: “In the mornings it’s the worst, like it hurts to breathe. My side hurts. My shoulder hurts. I can’t even get up.”

It comes as the Clark County Sheriff's Office said it had finished its investigation and has forwarded the case to prosecutors for "appropriate charging".

In a video captured by a pal, the bikini-clad girl is heard mumbling “No, I won’t go” — right before someone, later identified as Taylor, shoves her forward.

Jordan can be seen flailing her arms and legs in the air then hitting the water with a huge clap in the now deleted footage.
The Sun Online revealed that Taylor was later seen partying with friends “as if nothing happened” at the Clark County Fair on Saturday.

According to sources, Taylor has left school, is unemployed and lives with her grandmother.

Jordan has told how she blacked out as she was abruptly pushed off the edge of the bridge.

She told told a local website: “In midair I think I might've blacked out... I was awake and aware when I hit the water.”

Someone had to swim out to rescue her before she was taken to the nearby PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver.

Ashley Mahree, the girl who recorded and shared the video online, said: “This looks to be almost criminal.”

The bridge in Moulton Falls Regional Park is a popular spot for daredevils, though there’s a sign prohibiting jumping and diving.

Clark County Fire Chief Ben Peeler confirmed it is illegal to jump from the bridge.