GABI Grecko is holding her finger as a gun to her head on Instagram Live and taking the mickey out of husband, Australian millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten.

The US topless model, 29, and the 75-year-old controversial medical entrepreneur — once dubbed Australia’s weirdest couple — are in a New York salon where Gabi is getting her nails done.

Edelsten is sitting right beside Grecko — and presumably is going to pay for her manicure as she talks about him with callers in not-so-flattering terms.

“It’s hard to keep him in a good mood,” Grecko tells one caller.

A message pops up from @STHgte69, saying “Smile Geoff you have a gorgeous wife” and Grecko tells Edelsten beside her, “Someone says smile”.

She continues: “You should smile more, you have to work on that”.

Edelsten, dressed in a blue satin shirt and jeans with his hair dyed a chestnut colour, responds to the caller, “I’m very lucky”.

Her hair braided and swept up in a top knot, Grecko talks about beauty treatments with a caller and thanks them when they tell her she looks good.

She then admits, “I’m kinda bored”.

Grecko glances over to Edelsten, points her index finger to the side of her head and says, “drives me insane”.

A caller then asks Grecko if Edelsten remembers a young female patient from one of his medical centres when he practised as a doctor in Melbourne. Edelsten does remember and leans forward to Gabi’s phone, exchanging a few words with the caller in a faint voice.

Grecko and Edelsten recorded the Instagram Live video at around 7.30pm New York time on Friday.

It’s almost two months since the on-again-off-again couple officially revealed — also via Instagram Live — they were back together and would renew their vows.

The pair separated only five months after their 2015 wedding, but reportedly reunited last Christmas. They are planning to marry for a second time.

Grecko said on Instagram Live in June: “Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you that we have a special announcement. We are getting married.”
Edelsten added, “again,” before Grecko said, “we’re already married, we’re still married. Just to let you know. We never filed for a separation to clear that up.

“We will be renewing our vows and I will be writing a rap song and performing it for Geoff’.

Edelsten and Grecko became engaged in November 2014 after he proposed to her during the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse.

Grecko posed for engagement photos in an elaborate bustier and winged headdress, towering over Edelsten beside her all dressed in bright yellow.

The union got off to a shaky start after one of them promptly dropped the ring and Edelsten had to search for it under a couch in the Birdcage at Flemington.

Grecko and Edelsten have always made news for her daring outfits and his colourful suits.

On Friday night, one Instagram messager told Geoffrey: “Australia loves you”.

A caller asked Grecko about Edelsten’s doctors’ surgeries in Melbourne whether he still owns one in Caroline Springs.

Via an Instagram message, @jt — melbourne told the couple, “this is awesome you 2 — is a trip to Melbourne on the cards anytime soon?”