A FURIOUS bloke woke up to find his prankster mates had superglued ten dildos to his back in Brazil.

In the clip posted online, the man is hysterical as he desperately tries to remove the sex toys from his back - before eventually going to hospital.

The clip was originally shared by Ni Do Badoque Oficial on Instagram Stories last week who said he carried out the prank as "revenge" on his friend Abdias Melo.

In the clip, the prankster arrives at Abdias' home during the night with friends, armed with the dildos and superglue.

After his hysterical friends wake him up by banging two pots together, Abdias discovers he has ten dildos in varying colours glued to his back.

He looks on in disbelief and screams as he spots the dildos on his back in the mirror.

The man then attempts to have his friends try to pull them off his back but to no avail.

After failing to remove them at home, Abdias resorts to going to hospital where he attends the "urgent" care while wearing a sheet to cover his back.

After meeting with a doctor, he then has a substance - believed to be Acetone - applied to his back to remove the dildos - as his friend watches on and laughs.

In a follow up post on Instagram, Ni Do Badoque said: "My people see the revenge I did to @abdiasMeloOficial."

Abdias also shared the video on his Instagram, where it's received over 100,000 views, and said: "And my people this was the trolling that @nidobadoqueoficial made me, will stay in history!"