A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has been filmed dancing alongside a moving car in the latest online craze which was today branded “foolish” and “dangerous”.

The blonde schoolgirl hopped out of the car and danced while the vehicle continued to move down the road in what is known as the "Kiki Challenge".

Thousands of youngsters around the world have taken part in the new craze which was created following rapper Drake’s new song In My Feelings.

His fans have been dancing next to moving cars after the challenge was set up by Instagram comedian Shiggy, who was filmed dancing after the video was released.

But cops have urged people to not get involved in the latest social media trend after a teenage girl hit her head and was left in a critical condition.

And the latest viral clip, filmed in Lancashire, has sparked outrage from local cops and children's charities.

The girl was in the passenger seat but quickly hopped out and danced alongside the car as it kept moving down the street.

She continued to dance for 50 seconds and the video has been viewed more than 16,000 times and family members even urged celebrities including Louis Spence to share the clip to make it go viral.

A Brake spokesman told The Sun Online: “Jumping out of a moving car to perform dance moves in the middle of a road is foolish and dangerous, not only to the individual but all other road users.

“The road is a high-risk environment and no place for crazes like this and so we urge everyone to be safe and responsible and not risk trying this dangerous move before it ends in tragedy.”

Andy Burrows, NSPCC Associate Head of Online Safety, added: “It’s common for children to want to join in with the latest trends they see online and to want to imitate celebrities.

“But taking part in this challenge involves being helped by an adult or teenage driver to drive alongside and film.

“Given the clear risks involved, we’d urge parents and young drivers not to encourage this trend by agreeing to help a child to do the Kiki Challenge.”

Following the hit song's release, comedian Shiggy inadvertently started the dance craze.

He shared a video of him dancing to the song on Instagram and thousands of social media users, including celebrities such as Will Smith, have been posting footage of themselves doing silly dances to the tune of the hit song.

The dance craze has become so popular around the globe that police forces have warned people that jumping out of cars is dangerous.

Even Shiggy himself has urged fans to “be safe” and told fans they can perform dance moves anywhere and not just next to a moving car.

Anna Worden, 18, became the first person to injure themselves after she tried to take part in the challenge on July 23.

The teenager, from Bettendorf, Iowa, tripped over as she got out of her car and hit her head on the ground, knocking her unconscious.

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She was airlifted to hospital and put in an intensive care unit after suffering a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain and is now learning to walk again.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police, said: “Taking part in this craze is both dangerous and foolish. We do not condone people jumping out of moving vehicles and it is an offence to use your mobile phone whilst driving.

“While we don’t want to stop people from having fun, we would urge people to act responsibly and think carefully about their own safety and the safety of others.”