Five Australian jihadists who travelled to the Middle East to join the Islamic State have been stripped of their citizenship.

The three male and two female terrorists will never set foot in Australia again after the government move to stop them returning to carry out attacks on home soil.

A top-secret process carried out with ASIO proved the five are loyal only to ISIS, and pose a risk of radicalising vulnerable youths or plotting new terror attacks.

The five include some who fought for the Islamic State directly, and other who provided support for the extremist group, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The identities of the terrorists have not been confirmed, and they were among about 100 Australians who remain in the region after joining terror groups in Iraq and Syria.

They include Neil Prakash, the senior ISIS figure behind bars in Turkey on terror charges, and Adelaide doctor Tareq Kamleh.

The only other Australian to be stripped of their citizenship for joining Islamic State is believed to be notorious terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, who was killed in Iraq.

Sharrouf was photographed holding up severed heads alongside friend and fellow ISIS recruit, former Sydney boxing champion Mohammed Elomar, and Sharrouf posted a picture of his son doing the same.

A total of 230 Australians have joined the Islamic State, and about 90 have been killed in combat.

They join 54 Australians convicted of terror offences, and 39 more are before the courts after being charged.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said earlier this year he was concerned the law allowing citizenship to be stripped was not being applied properly.

'We know there are dual citizens among Australians fighting with terrorists in the Middle East and yet officials have so far confirmed that only one has lost their citizenship under the operation of the law,' Mr Dutton said in February.

'I don't want people coming back into our country that have been off fighting in the name of ISIS.

'I don't want people coming back having been battle hardened, skilled now in the art of bomb making and terrorist activities walking the streets of our capital cities. I want those people kept as far away from our shores as possible.'