THIS was the moment a fight on the Tube erupted into a mass brawl on the platform after a woman yelled: “Don’t call me a s**g at a male passenger."

Witnesses were left stunned as the pair started brawling in the carriage of the Hammersmith and City line train in the early hours of Sunday.

Passengers claim the argument – which appears in a separate video - began at Mile End station and continued until Plaistow on the east-bound train.

The man is said to have asked a passenger: “Are you racist? What you just said is racist”, to which she apparently replied: “This is nothing to do with you.”

By the time the train had reached West Ham, the woman could be heard shouting: “Don't ever call me a f***ing s**g, ever.”

A man who was accompanying the woman had been trying to hold her back, but then he also got involved in the brawl, it’s claimed.

The Asian man was knocked to the floor – at which point someone shouted: “No, enough, enough,” before the crowd spilled out of the carriage at

Further footage shows the crowd of men tearing into one another as the fight then continues on the platform.

At one point, one of the men is seen grabbing a rival in a neck lock before raining blows on him as horrified passengers watch on.

British Transport Police are investigating the fracas, which was filmed by a 35-year-old dental professional at about 12.30am, according to Mail Online.

She told the site: “This behaviour was totally unacceptable and shameful, putting a few hundred people's safety at risk and also distressing them.

“I left the scene badly shaking. I literally was scared for my life as it seemed like I might get the next punch.”

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “Officers were called to Plaistow London Underground station at 12.19am on Sunday following reports of a fight at the station.

“Officers attended and are making enquiries into the circumstances of this incident. No arrest have been made yet.

“It is believed that a fight broke between two groups of males at approximately 12.15am on board a District Line train. The fight then continued onto the platform. It is not believed there were any serious injuries.”