A FAMILY has been left shocked after racist thugs painted sickening graffiti on the window of their new home on the day they moved in.

The Kaseses were celebrating their move to Milnrow, Rochdale, with a small party and barbecue on Saturday when they heard a "spraying" noise from outside.

When they looked out the window they saw two white men on bicycles were riding away from the property, the Manchester Evening News reports.

A disgusting message daubed across the window in white paint read: "no blacs n*****s (sic)".

The family, who are originally from South Africa, called the police and it is now being investigated as a hate crime, with detectives branding it: "Absolutely sickening".

They say now planning to move house because they say they don't feel safe in the area, after moving to Rochdale, Greater Manchester, from Essex.

Lilian Kasese, 24, said: “We moved in that day. We were having a barbecue with some family. It was a normal day.

“My little brother heard some spraying going on. He went to check and said someone was outside.

"We looked out and we could see two white guys on bikes getting away.

“They couldn’t even spell properly. The community helped clean it up, we didn’t want them to but the police were taking forever to come.”

Lilian, who recently graduated, said: “We are moving out as soon as possible. We don’t feel safe to stay here.

“This is the first day we moved in to Manchester, we have lived all over the UK.

“My brother is 18 - he is more shaken. There seems to be some young boys who have done it. He feels like he is in danger.

“We have been in this country for so long, but it feels like back in the day, like it was in the 1930s. It is shocking.”

The Kasese family moved to the UK when Lilian was a baby and her younger brother Joseph was born here.

Inspector Rob MacGregor said: “This is an absolutely sickening crime, that has deeply upset not just the victims, but local residents who have seen what was written.

“Thousands of people live together across Greater Manchester, from different walks of life, and those who write hateful messages will be dealt with accordingly.

“We are treating this as a hate crime and are working closely with our partners, Rochdale Borough Council and Rochdale Borough Housing to fully investigate this matter.

“If you heard any kind of disturbance in the early hours of Sunday morning, or have information that could help us identify who is responsible, please do the right thing and get in touch."