FACEBOOK bosses are accused of hampering cops probing the murder of a teenage girl.

They have failed to hand over a suspect’s password despite requests from detectives.

The social media giant’s refusal to cooperate over the stab death of schoolgirl Lucy McHugh, 13, has led to calls for a law to force web firms to disclose suspects’ passwords.

Ex-Flying Squad chief John O’Connor said yesterday: “I think it’s outrageous.

The attitude of Facebook is going to require a response which will be a change in the law.

They will be obliged on the service of a court order to hand over information.

“There should be a massive fine if they don’t comply. The fact they don’t assist police in serious investigations is reprehensible.

“Facebook is such an integral part of people’s life so they should offer the cooperation voluntarily.”

Stephen-Alan Nicholson, 24, was quizzed over the murder of Lucy and sexual activity with a child.

The carer, who lived with Lucy and her mum in Southampton, was bailed but charged with failing to disclose access codes to an electronic device.

Hampshire Police want to know if he chatted to Lucy on Facebook Messenger.

A force spokesman said: “We have put in a request to Facebook and are awaiting a response.”

Last night Facebook said: “We’re not able to comment on a live criminal case.”

Lucy was found dead in woodland in Southampton a day after going missing on July 25.

Cops have released CCTV which shows her half a mile away after leaving home.

But officers admit there is a big gap in her movements, despite trawling through 15,000 hours of footage.

They are also still hunting the murder weapon, thought to be scissors or a knife.

Nicholson is in custody and due before Southampton crown court on August 31.