EVIL Karen Matthews was spotted shopping with pals today as she is trying to sell her life story for £12,000 to pay for plastic survey and avoid vigilantes.

The 44-year-old was branded “Britain’s worst mum” after kidnapping her daughter Shannon in 2008 to try and get the £50,000 reward.

Police discovered her daughter drugged and tethered in the base of a bed in nearby Batley Carr 24 days after the child was snatched from her home in Dewsbury, West Yorks.

Her pals have reportedly stopped wanting to be seen with Matthews as people are starting to recognise her again.

The mum-of-seven was snapped with two friends who took her shopping in Sainsbury’s today.

She was wearing a beige coat, jeans and black boots as she was seen smoking a cigarette while her only remaining friends sat at a bus stop with her.

Matthews now lives under a new name in the South of England after serving her eight-year sentence.

The mum has changed her appearance and is a reportedly a born-again Christian who works in a charity shop.

Matthews was spotted out and about as the 11th anniversary of the date her daughter was found alive approaches – which is March 14.

She has told friends she cannot escape being recognised and that she was even having a police car take her home over fears of being abused and harassed.

Matthews says she has been contacted by two publishers to sell her life story so people will “leave her alone”, The Daily Star reported.

A source told the paper: "Her book will tell her story and about how she thinks everyone has got her wrong.

"But she wants money in advance to pay for the plastic surgery so people don't recognise her and will leave her alone."

Her daughter Shannon was found alive after she went missing for 24 days at a Batley Carr house belonging to Michael Donavan , who was the uncle of Karen’s boyfriend Craig Meehan.

Matthews was found to have planned the sick kidnapping with Donovan and both were caged.

Shannon’s ordeal and the massive search that ensued were the subject of the BBC Two drama The Moorside last year.

The source added Matthews was living life looking over her shoulder and that she just wants to disappear.

They said: "Karen insists she is innocent and knew nothing of the reward plot. In her mind if the BBC can cash on it all why couldn't she?"

Shannon is living with a new family and was given a new identity.

Even though she turned 18 last year, she cannot speak to the media until she is 21.

There is a law in place that means Matthews would be unable to profit from a detailed account of her crime.

The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 prevents criminals from profiting from publications of their crimes.

Matthews could, however, be open to self-publishing a book without profiting from it.

The ex-lag could also pen a more general memoir of her life that did not closely detail the abduction.