JEAN-Claude Juncker has infuriated Downing Street by declaring MPs no longer trust Theresa May.

The EU Commission chief issued the extraordinary diplomatic breach as he also slammed the government’s handling on Brexit, telling it: “Get your act together”.

His broadside came as it also emerged last night that two weeks of talks to try to improve Theresa May’s Brexit deal have failed to produce a breakthrough.

The PM has just nine days to go to win enough concessions on the hated Irish backstop to persuade Tory MPs to back her when the Commons debates it again.

But Whitehall sources admitted last night that while officials in Brussels are still talking, there has been “no significant progress”.

Mr Juncker’s latest rant is a bitter blow to No10, who had been pinning their hopes on the commission president to broker an addition to the agreement.

It also comes two weeks after his ugly confrontation with Mrs May at a Brussels summit when he dubbed her “nebulous”.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, he said: “It is not us who are leaving the United Kingdom - it is the United Kingdom that is leaving the European Union.

“I find it entirely unreasonable for parts of the British public to believe that it is for the EU alone to propose a solution for all future British problems.

“My appeal is this: get your act together and then tell us what it is you want. Our proposed solutions have been on the table for months.”

The former Luxembourg PM added: “I have the impression that the majority of British MPs deeply distrust both the EU and Mrs May.

“It is being insinuated that our aim is to keep the United Kingdom in the EU by all possible means. That is not our intention.”

Hitting back last night, a No10 source said: “What does he hope to achieve by saying this? I don’t know whose interests that serves”.

Tory MP Nigel Huddleston dubbed it “not particularly useful or helpful language”, adding: “It is inappropriate but not surprising, as he is under pressure from European businesses to produce a deal as well”.

Mrs May has been told by Tories and the DUP to seek legally binding assurances that the backstop that keeps Britain in the customs union will be time-limited.

One senior aide to the PM last week dubbed Mr Juncker the UK’s “best hope” of finding a fix as he was “put on this earth to negotiate”.

The new row came as International Trade Secretary Liam Fox yesterday warned that the chances of Britain leaving the EU would be down to 50/50 if Mrs May’s deal is voted down in two weeks time.

It also emerged that senior Tory and Labour MPs are planning to force the government to delay Brexit by three months if the Commons throws out the deal.

It was claimed that cross-party talks have been underway for several weeks to ensure the March 29 date is put back until July in a bid to win the government more time.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today accuses Theresa May and her ministers of tipping Britain “into crisis” for leaving the country with no deal with the EU in place with just 88 days to go today until Brexit takes place.

In his New Year message, the Opposition boss attacked the Tories for “the complete mess they’ve made of Brexit, trying to drive through a bad deal and letting people down all across the country whether they voted leave or remain.”