Eritrea has withdrawn its troops from the border with Ethiopia, in a gesture of reconciliation, the pro-government Eritrea Press reports on its Facebook.

The BBC has not obtained independent confirmation of the report.

If the report is true, it will be a major development in the whirlwind peace process that the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have embarked on to end two decades of hostility.

Some 80,000 people died during a 1998-2000 war between the two nations for control of the border town of Badme.

A UN-backed boundary commission ruled in 2002 that Ethiopia should cede Badme to Eritrea.

It refused, and the two countries remained in a state of "no war, no peace".

Ethiopia's new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has promised to hand over territory, but it is unclear when this will happen or when Ethiopia will withdraw its troops stationed along the border.