ENGLISH football club Bristol Rovers have launched an investigation into how clubhouse televisions showed adult channel Babestation during halftime of Wednesday’s (AEST) Carabao Cup win against Crawley.

Hundreds of Rovers supporters, many of whom were children, were shocked to see the X-rated station rather than the usual score updates from different games around the country.

The adult scenes were shown on screens in the newly refurbished clubhouse and bars after someone got hold of the TV remote.

The League One club issued a statement, saying: “The club believes someone that was attending in the bar was using a universal remote device to affect the TV output.

“The matter will be fully investigated, however the club believes they have photographic evidence of the individual concerned and they will be dealt with appropriately.”

Supporters tweeted videos and pictures showing the channel — which encourages viewers to interact via text messages with the women presenting who are presenting live — being aired at the Memorial Stadium.

One supporter at the ground, Dave, told BBC Radio Bristol the mishap was quite comical.

“It was quite amusing really. The first time we thought it was just an advert but then the football came back on and then whoever had a remote control put it back on again and there was a massive cheer,” he said.

Bristol chairman Steve Hamer said he suspects someone hacked into the club’s new system.

“We have had a major refit in the clubhouse and our bars this summer and we’ve got 14-15 new TVs all in place and I suspect there was an area of vulnerability there and somebody has hacked into it,” Hamer said, per the BBC.

“What was seen was pretty moderate and we will talk to our TV engineers and media teams to find out what happened.”

It may have been embarrassing but the Rovers enjoyed the last laugh, winning 2-1 courtesy of goals to Kyle Bennett and Ollie Clarke to advance to the second round of the competition.