DOCTORS have called on a top NHS boss to quit after he was caught using a fake profile to troll medics online.

Dr Arvind Madan is the country’s top GP in his role as Director of Primary Care at NHS England.

But he used the name Devil’s Advocate to post inflammatory comments on a GP’s forum, calling family doctors greedy and workshy.

In one he said: “We can get 6 figure salaries for working 4 days a week, 45 weeks a year.

“Run that past the general public and see how much sympathy you get.”

He used the same secret profile to praise his own work. His comments under stories on the website of magazine Pulse prompted dozens of angry replies — then medics discovered his identity by piecing together clues.

Dr Sammy Batt-Rawden asked how it could be acceptable for such a high-profile figure “to create burner accounts and pseudonyms to troll people that disagree with them?”

GP Dr Matt Mayer added: “At best, this is a level of recklessness incompatible with his office. At worst it is a probity issue. Either way, he should resign.”

NHS England declined to comment on Dr Madan, who also works as a London GP.