AN ANIMAL centre has shared a heartbreaking note written by a dog owner who was no longer able to look after their pet.

Terrier mix Sky was left at the Delaware Humane Association on Wednesday, and an accompanying letter revealed that her owner had become homeless.

In their note, the owner explained that they couldn't afford to feed Sky, so had made the devastating decision to leave her somewhere that could re-home her.

The shelter later posted the letter on Facebook, writing: "With each New Year comes new challenges and on our second day in, we welcomed one of our most heartbreaking souls yet.

"This skinny-mini's name is Sky and she was discovered yesterday morning by one of our easy-going dogs, who barked alarmingly at one of the normally uneventful corners of our property.

"This blue and white chocolate dipped girl was roaming freely with an incredibly oversized, spiked leather harness with a bag attached and a note inside."

The note read: "Please take care of Sky. She is six years old and friendly. I couldn't take care of her, I became homeless and couldn't feed her.

"She is not sick just hungry, very friendly. Please find her a home. Please."

When staff at the centre weighed Sky, they found that she was around 20 pounds underweight.

Kerry Flanagan Bruni - director of animal care - told Delaware Online: "It appears just to be that she wasn't being fed the proper amount. She's very sweet, very friendly."

She also had fleas, so tapeworms and anaemia could have contributed to her weight loss.

Since Sky arrived with them, the shelter has opened up a donation page for her.

If you want to contribute, simply enter the note "Sky's the Limit" to ensure your gift is designated appropriately.